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Strulgattu & Meierkord

MESS002 Fritt efter en väg 12″ Remixes

Salomos gästabud – Patrick Richard remix

Herdarnas äng – Pawel Kobak remix

In 2017 Messy Weekend released the Strulgattu & Meierkord debute album “Fritt efter en väg”, with cosmic and melancholic sounds from analogue synthesizers and cello. Today, Messy Weekend Records is very proud to announce two wonderful Deep House remixes of Salomos gästabud (Patrick Richard Monaco Jeep Remix) and Herdarnas äng ((Pawel Kobak Cosmic Kurbitz Remix) on this two track EP.

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Bio: Patrick Richard
Bio: Pawel Kobak

Mastered by: Christoph Grote-Beverborg @Dubplates Mastering, Berlin
Artwork by: Gabriel Wentz

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