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Messy Weekend Avisen #1

This week we announce a new magazine that in the future will contain interviews with people and artists affiliated with Messy Weekend Records. You  will also find other in depth stuff such as “the making of” an album, short rock biographies, or fun facts about an album or artist. When time is available we will also try to do some reports on the less explored parts of the music business.

In this premiere issue you can read an interview with the Messy Weekend label boss Magnus Haglunds, as well as an interview with Pawel Kobak, who did a remix for Strulgattu & Meierkord – Herdarnas äng (MESS002).

Writing and artwork by Gabriel Wentz.
MWA is an non-periodical magazine. New issues will be released when we find something exciting to write about.

Stay tuned!

The first issue is now available in a very limited edition in some selected record stores in Stockholm, or you can order a copy in our webshop here.







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